How to Download Windows 11 Beta and Windows 11 Insider Builds

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Although the final version of Windows 11 is now available for download, some people may want to try the first internal versions of Windows 11. This is because Microsoft will continue to update Windows 11 for months and years to come, just as it did with Windows 10, and that means that if you sign up for the internal builds of Windows 11, you will be able to test new features before anyone else.

For example, Android apps will finally hit the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, but that feature doesn’t seem to be arriving properly until 2022. However, people on Windows 11 Insider builds will get this feature sooner to try it out.

That means you only really need to register if you are desperate to try out the new Windows 11 features sooner, as there may be issues and bugs. If you want a more stable experience, stick with the release version of Windows 11.

But, if you’re feeling brave, here’s how to download Windows 11 beta and internal builds.

1. Join the Windows Insider program

To do this, open the Settings app and click Update & Security, then Windows Insider Program.

In the Windows Insider program window, click Get Started to join. In the window that appears, click Link an account, choose your Microsoft Account, and click Continue.


2. Choose a channel

The first builds of Windows 11 Insider are available to people using the dev channel. This is intended for application developers and gives people access to early versions of Windows 11. Again, make sure you are happy to install what is probably a fairly early build with various issues included.

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You can also choose the Beta Channel, which is not that early, which offers a more stable experience, but still with early access to features (but not that early). Then there is the version preview channel. This is essentially the version of Windows 11 that most people use, but with some initial features. This is the most stable version, but it also means that you are waiting longer to test new features. However, it is still faster to get new features this way than just using Windows 11.

If you just want a normally functioning PC, we’ll stick with normal Windows 11 for now. However, if you really want to give Windows 11 a try, on the Choose Your Insider Settings page that appears, select the channel you want to join, and then Confirm.

Another window will appear with an explanation of what you can expect from this early build. As long as you are happy to proceed, click ‘Confirm’.

You’ll then need to restart your PC. Make sure everything is saved, and click ‘Restart Now’ on the window that appears.

3. Install the Windows 11 Insider Preview build

Once you have rebooted, open the Windows Update application. You can do this by searching for Windows Update in the search bar on the Windows 10 taskbar.
You can also open it by going to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update.
In the window that appears, click Check for updates. The Windows 11 Insider Preview build should appear, and you can download and install it as if it were a normal Windows 10 update.

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