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Snapchat Down? Is Snapchat Not Working Today

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Snapchat, the message program dedicated to a struggle with its competitive Taptok, took ten thousand users on Wednesday.
The problems with access to the Snapchat application, as well as sending or receiving messages, were registered by tens of thousands of users, which the company told him that the company was “hanging hard”.
The Detector Web Monitoring Group has registered a significant cut involving Snapchat, which came in two peaks on Wednesday before Snapchat said the problem was “fixed”.

The Snapchat client supports the Twitter account, said: “We are aware that some snap chatters have problems using the application now, hang on, we look at it!” Without explanation, he later said: “The problem is solved! If you still have problems, please let us know. Happy bed bugs!

Facebook experienced one of the worst cuts in its history last week, in which users are unable to obtain their platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, for a few hours. Then he said that a mistake during routine maintenance of his network of data centers caused a waterfall that had hit its platforms for more than six hours. SPOTLIGHT Treat each publication, whether it comes from a star of a Disney channel or 19-year-old Norfolk in the same way. Snapchat Spotlight: The function gives competitive TapTok a race for his money Read more at Snapchat, Initially it was not clear what caused the interruption.

The problem could not have reached a worse time in his struggle to prevent an exodus of sea Tiktok. At the end of last year, Snapchat presented a new focus of feature calls in an effort to get out of the competition of his Chinese rival. The focus, such as Tiktok, is a flow of short video clips, algorithms educated and presented so that users can quickly change between them. Snapchat also started paying users of gross who went viral, with the platform that offers a daily $ 1 million price (£ 747,000).

Snapchat, co-term by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, former students of Stanford University, initially known for their volatile messages that would disappear after a while, will get a reputation as an application of “Sexing”. It continued to develop, with a successful initial public offer in 2016 confirming his fellow founders as nightbilations. Its celebration company, Snap Inc., was valued at $ 100 billion earlier this year in the middle of a market return for digital advertising.

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